Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here’s the “down to earth” simple truth. 

I grew up fairly poor, with four younger sisters. We raised chickens, pigs and food from a garden. I knew nothing of the outside world, so I invented my own. I learned how to play with toys I made myself, and invent adventures for my sisters and I to enjoy. I also learned to cook, and sew all before the age of 10.

Over the years of my life, I’ve traveled and experienced things that many others only see on TV. I’ve made money, and lost money. I’ve lived high, and lived low. I’ve felt love, and lost love. It is all this, that makes me who I am.

I am self-taught, and my medium of choice is oils. There are lots of interesting stories to tell of my adventures, and maybe one day I’ll share these in some way. For now, I share my feelings, my memories, my adventures and my life on canvas.


My Art

My interests in art are varied. I’m currently inspired to create Abstract forms. Other styles of art which I enjoy creating are visionary, surreal, lowbrow, outsider and fantasy. I look forward to the freedom to explore all these areas and more if I choose. I tend to lean towards organic forms, soft, curvy, smooth and add bits of texture. I rarely have square lines attached to anything I do.

Nature is my inspiration…earth and her pure forms. I love animals. However, I have not drawn or painted many. I seem to prefer the female form, plants and such. I like fish….and all that is within the water. We shall see what the years of creating art will develop

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